Why silver will never go up and why is a bad investment

Silver is second alternative to Gold all over the world today because it is not as expensive the way Gold is. Sliver looks promising to invest in but samely a bad investment to falls on, Why? here in this post i will outline the reasons "why silver will never go up" and "why silver is a bad investment

Why silver will never go up

Am certain everyone here on this article must have heard about cryptocurrency one way or the other so let me start by using Bitcoin as a case study to answer this question "why silver will never go up". Bitcoin is well known to people infact each time i heard about sudden rise in cryptocurrency coin, my first thought is towards Bitcoin neglecting other coins because it's the first and popular coin in crypto-space today. So just as the way Gold is first, popular and most powerful over other natural resources then Silver will never go up when Gold is still on high demands. So does that means silver is of bad investment? let's find out..

Why silver is a bad investment

First i will start by telling you that Silver is not of bad investment like that but it is only in this scenario: 

Silver don't have stability like gold, it's price goes down and up almost in every seasons. However, silver is a good investment than gold because it has more applications than gold. Silver has more applications in industries on demand, as silver is more thermally conductive. 


Both silver, gold and other metals are amazing to make an investment on but at the same time very risky because their values are not fixed prices it could easily dropped and rise suddenly.