Paypal pay in 4 not working 2021, 2022 (solve)

PayPal recently introduced a new service called Pay In 4, which lets you (slipt pay) meaning, you make an online purchase between $30 and $1500 and pay it off in four bi-weekly installments. According to PayPal, Pay in 4 doesn't affect your credit score, and there is 0% interest on the bi-weekly payments but the only downside of it's is that it is not available for everyone and please if it's working for you, don't cancel orders else the option "pay in 4" will disappear on your paypal account.

Who accepts paypal pay in 4

Currently, PayPal pay in 4 is only available for the citizens of the USA. So, if you are anyone from any other country or region, the Paypal pay in 4 options will not be available for you. Paypal pay in 4 works well with amazon, ebay, any bank debit cards.

Paypal pay in 4 not approved or denied

If your "paypal pay in 4 denied" when you are a citizen of USA then below are the reasons:

1). Your Paypal account has restrictions

2). Your Merchant does not accept it

3). You are not a citizen of US

4). You are under 18 years old

5). Your are using paypal pay in 4 on websites that doesn't allow buy and pay later

6). Your Purchase is not within Paypal pay in 4 limits

7). You are playing with the cancel order button after purchase.

How to get approved for paypal pay in 4

To get approved is very simple or if "paypal pay in 4 not showing up" for you, you should check the requirements and other details listed above.

Paypal pay in 4 limit

Yes, PayPal Pay in 4 limits the amount of purchase you can make through it. You can only purchase items ranging from $30-$1500.

Paypal pay in 4 customer service

Talk to a payments specialist to get started, 855-787-1014. Give customers more ways to buy.