Chase pending: transactions, deposit, how long

There are some transactions that chase cannot process automatically until they've completed posting of your chronological transactions. This includes Overdraft Protection transfers or transfers to maintain target balances in other accounts. Chase subtract these remaining items in high to low dollar order.

Chase pending transactions or deposit

So if you review your account during the day, you will see that chase show some transactions as “pending.” For details, refer to the section “Pending” transactions in the Deposit Account Agreement. These transactions impact your available balance, but have not yet posted to your account and do not guarantee that chase will pay these transactions to your account if you have a negative balance at that time. Chase may still return a transaction unpaid if your balance has insufficient funds during that business day's nightly processing, even if it had been displayed as a "pending" transaction on a positive balance during the day. If a transaction that you made or authorized does not display as “pending,” you are still responsible for it and it may still be posted against your account during nightly processing.

Chase pending transactions or deposit how long

Chase banks deposit the fund into the merchants' accounts within three to four business days after the transaction. You can check your pending transaction through online banking, even mobile banking. You can take help from customer service or call 800-922-9999 for any query.