Transfer Google Play balance to PayPal 2021

Do you have funds or balance in your Google play and you wanted to transfer it to your paypal account in other to make purchase with it? Then you are just in the best place to learn about how to do it. For the sake of those who don't know Google play is a store to download Android applications, games and to use it you need to sign in using your Gmail account. when you does, a profile will be created which could be used for payment of subscriptions alongside your debit card details.

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Transfer google play balance to paypal

1) Open the Google play store and select Payments & subscriptions.

2) Then under Payments & subscriptions, choose Payment Methods.

3) then after that, you'll find Google play balance with your current money option.

4) Then enter the amount you want to withdraw or transfer to your bank account and confirm the payment.

5) At last, select the Transfer button.

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Turn Google Play credit into cash 2021: Web version

1) Open and sign up into the google play store.

2) Open the Payments section from accounts & settings.

3) then open google play balance and click on the transfer google play balance button.

4) Enter the amount and proceed.

5) Click on the Transfer button to send you Google play money to your bank account through Google play the web version.