PayPal friends and family not showing up 2021, 2022: Solutions

We are in an era whereby almost everything could be done online fast and easy. The paypal which am about discussing here in this article is an online secure payments website among others. So while using, they're some issues you encountered such as "no friends and family option paypal" and to help you solve the issue i prepared this post for you. First i will start with

PayPal friends and family 2021, 2022: Learn how to send money

Why can't i choose friends and family on paypal

1. You do not have a Personal PayPal account: This many Paypal users don't know that a business account on paypal is different from ordinary or personal account. 

2. You have not verified your account: If your account is not verified on paypal all options and features will not complete until you are fully verified using any government issued ID card.

3. PayPal F&F isn’t available in your country: Its not offered in every country, if you can't see it as an option when you click to send funds then you probably don't have it. Click send money > put in email address > then either goods / services OR friends / family would show if you have it as an option.

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PayPal friends and family not showing up 2021, 2022: Solutions

1). Create a personal account and see if the option "family and friends" shows up.

2). Go through Paypal family and friends terms/conditions to know whether it's supports your country else if it doesn't support, then you need to ask someone outside your country to create and verify paypal account on your behalf and start using it.

3). Whenever you create a new Paypal account make sure you verify it using any government issued ID card else every options and features like the "family and friends" payment option in questioned will not be made available for use.