Make money using facebook $100 a day

Facebook is world most visited platform in terms of chatting and a wonderful place to make money if you have knowledge on how to go about it. Facebook renders a lot of business opportunities this includes; boost or improve of business sales, increase brand awareness, etc. but many people are still finding it very difficult to make most money out of their Facebook accounts so that is why i wrote this post in other to help you achieve something worthwhile doing instead of just wasting your data plans on chatting. 

Make money using facebook $100 a day

They are many ways you could make money ($100) using facebook a day but all depends on the work you put into achieving that because $100 in Nigeria currency or other countries currency is a kind of huge amount of money to be earned a day.

Below are some ways to make money using facebook $100 a day:

1). Involve in affiliate marketing program: Affiliate marketing program for those who don't know is all about promoting some sets of products and earn a commission when someone pays for it.

2). Post your YouTube channel videos: If you have a YouTube channel you should consider publishing it on Facebook to drive real time viewers to your channel and earn money through Adsense for video when you channel is monetize.

3). Publish your blog links on facebook: SEO (search engine optimization) is becoming harder and complex each day thus driving traffics from search engines requires high seo knowledge but with Facebook it is very easy to attract audience to your site in less amount of time merely posting your blog links. Here you can earn more than $100 in a day if you attract huge audience to your blog.

4). Use Facebook ads to sell your products: Facebook helps new startups to create fast brand awareness by merely accepting little amount of money from business owners then run adverts throughout their community platform. So to make $100 a day using facebook, you should consider running adverts to generate the money. Note: it must not be your own products, you can run adverts for anything such as (services like online tutor, affiliate marketing, how to do something etc).

5). Offer online services: Online services is one thing most people use in earning huge amount of money from the web today and Facebook is not excluded. These services can be ( teaching some sets of people how to do something, website designs, coding software, contents writing, graphics design etc).