How to use PayPal Credit to send money

Using PayPal credit to send money is very easy than you think. And for those don't know, PayPal credit card is more or less like a debit card you use for payment purpose but the downside of credit card is; Credit card is limited to some merchants who don't have this payment option listed on their website and also, doesn't support all applications.

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Can't use paypal credit to send money

These could be some of the reasons why you weren't able to make a PayPal payment using your credit card: Your card issuer might be having technical issues that prevent us from requesting an authorization on your card. Your card isn't activated for online payments. You might have reached the sending limit of your card.

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How to use PayPal Credit to send money

If you need to pay someone you know and don't have the cash on hand, you can use PayPal Credit to send money. Choose the “Pay or send money” option in your account and enter the recipient's info (their email address or phone number), then change your payment method to PayPal Credit.