How to cancel Samsung financing

Samsung finance is a simple, paper-less financing service portal (“Platform”) where an eligible customer gets financing plan through a Financing Partner, exclusively available when you are trying to purchase Samsung smartphones (“Devices”) on Samsung online shop ( or Shop Samsung App).

So when you have mistakenly active a subscription or you do not want the items you paid for on your Samsung finance account, then all you could do is cancelled it.

How to cancel Samsung financing

You can cancel your subscription on the My Subscriptions page under My Account. You will need to return your device in order to complete the cancellation.

We will provide you with a shipping label via email once you cancel and initiate your return. You will need to print the shipping label and tape it to your return box.

You can use the original box the device came in or another similar box that will safely ship your item. Note: There is a $100 charge if you cancel before three months