How to add vanilla gift card to paypal

Do someone sent you vanilla gift card or you have it purchased and you are looking for steps on how to add it to your paypal account for payments of items online? then you are just in the right place to learn about how to do it in simple method.

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Vanilla gift card to paypal

Paypal simply allows you pay with prepaid gift cards with a Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover logo just like any other debit or credit card during checkout. And Vanilla gift card also falls among cards you can use on your paypal account, so to add vanilla gift card follow the below steps.

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How to add vanilla gift card to paypal

You can add your Vanilla gift card to PayPal just like you would normally add any of your debit or credit card. Still confused, follow the steps below:

1). Open PayPal and Log in.

2). Go to Wallet.

3). Click Link a debit or credit card.

4). Enter your card information, and click Link Card.

So, that’s it. This is how you can add a card to your PayPal account.