Hiding money in paypal

PayPal accounts are another opportunity to hide cash. Even though a PayPal account is linked to a traditional bank or credit card account, lawyers need to be mindful that an individual can transfer significant amounts of cash to a PayPal account in anticipation of drawing on it in the future.

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Can you use paypal to hide money

Yes of course it very easy and effortless to do so because your paypal account is a private portfolio that only you have access to, not even PayPal customer service care or agent have access to it accept you grant access to anyone you which to by giving them your login details or invite them as a user.

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How to hide money with paypal

To hide money with paypal in your account simply because you don't want to touch the funds is to purposely change the login password to a new one and make sure you type in passwords randomly while your eye is closed or better still give someone to change the password for you and forget the login details.

So in future when you are in need of it, just goto PayPal website, click on forget password then reset and create new password.

Note: please make sure the Gmail address you used during registration is written somewhere safe and it can receive messages because without the Gmail address accessible you won't be able to reset your paypal account password.