Games with hidden chat feature
Hidden chat apps

Are you in search of games with hidden chat feature in other to hide and chat privately without your spouse or anyone noticing it as a chat messenger? Well it's pretty possible because what am about dropping here in today's article will looks like Games from outside but inside it is really an hidden chat messenger. Another reason why you need to be using apps with hidden chat feature messenger is mainly for protection against third parties people that always like going through someone chats each time they get hold of your phone.

Hidden messaging apps

Secret messaging apps that look like games

1). Ninja Messages – Secret apps that look like games:

Cool sounding name, fancy logo and all the bling. Can the Ninja Messages app live up to it’s self acclaimed hype?

Two of the best features of this app which I really think you’ll love are it’s Disappearing messages and app lock features.

2). Stealth Chat secret apps that look like games:

Number 2 on our list of secret messaging apps that look like games is Stealth Chat, a privacy focused alternative that claims not to save any information about your chats, multimedia, Contacts and the likes.

Despite it’s bold claim, it has a user rating of just 3.4 stars from a little over 700 reviews.

Think it’s worth it?

3). Hide My Text secret apps that look like games:

With over 10,000 downloads and more than 100 reviews that equal to a 4.0 rating, this app is surly loved among its regular customers.

Hide My Text enables users to convert the text messages they want to hide into private hidden codes.

In other words, it more or less encrypts your messages there by making them unreadable by anyone but you.