Free verified cash app account

Cash app is also popular just like Paypal because it's amazing and very secure but the downside in all this online money transfer website or application is the verification process which many people don't want to undergo because it time consuming and limited to just one account per I.D. Aside that, after uploading some i.d cards they will not be accepted.

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So here in today's article am not going to give you a site to get free verified cash app account because it doesn't exist but i will only be of help and tell you the logic my team here use and were able to generate a lot of free verified cash app account.

Free verified cash app account

To get free verified cash app account, all you need to do is to be influencer and your hand wide open to give out. remembered not is for free though you are not going to be giving me the money but to those you will be using their I.D cards.

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So here what you going to be doing is; gather as many as possible in your area i recommend poor old ones then create something like bring your I.D and get yourself free recharge card etc just entice them and make use of their I.D cards to create as many cash app account you want and run the verification that's all.