Can amazon gift cards be used for kindle

Amazon gift cards are funds and also a debit card on is own which could be used to pay for items online or sell in exchange for real cash but limited to some website or shopping Marchants who doesn't accept amazon gift cards as mean of payments. So today we shall take a look whether kindle accept amazon gift cards or not.

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Can i use amazon gift card for kindle

Yes you can use Amazon gift card for kindle when you're shopping for new Kindle content, you can pay for purchases such as e-books, business apps and other items with funds from an Amazon gift card. To use your gift card, you'll need to redeem it on your Amazon account. Below are steps to do it.

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How to use Amazon gift card on Kindle

Have a Kindle Gift Card? Here's How to Use It. 

1). Simply click the "Enter Your Code" button below.

2). Enter your code in the box provided

3). Click the "Apply" button. 

4). Finally, go shopping for devices, books, accessories, and millions of other items at