Search google or type a url: customize, meme and hacks

When you open a fresh tab in the Chrome browser, you can see “Search Google or type a URL” as the default words displaying inside the address bar or search box (also called Omnibox). As it suggests, you have got two options to continue using Chrome. And, that is, you can either type a keyword of what you want to search into the Omnibox and click enter to see the search results or just enter the specific website’s URL into the Omnibox and press enter to go to that site’s page. 

“Search Google or type a URL” is also a feature in Chrome’s Canary update. Chrome Canary is a leading version of the Chrome browser. Google uses it to test ideas. One idea in the Canary 36 version is to bury the full URL in the top-level domain name. Even when navigating within the site, only the site name is displayed.

Sometimes when you’re so bored, just open a new tab in the Google Chrome browser and type in after the standard phrase “search Google or enter a url”. Or maybe you are thinking of something else and type these words without your knowledge.

URL parameters are shown in the program’s location bar after the site address. They all begin with a question mark and can be associate in a various distinctive manner. Furthermore, if you use the Search Google or Type a URL to find a website, the site may not appear on the search results page if the search engine has not yet indexed it. Type the URL address of a website into the address bar if you know it. The prefixes HTTP:// and www. are optional. A few sites even utilize short, lightweight URLs that divert to the principle URL, making it workable for customers to access without composing the whole address. You can type instead of in your browser address bar, for example.