Samsung iTest: website, apk download on Android, for iPhone, for ipad, and is it safe to use

Samsung iTest is a latest web application in market that enables operating systems (OS) outside android OS to enjoy or access all the whole features of an android phone.

I believe we all know that iPhone and iPads doesn't support android phones application, as their applications are different which could only be downloaded from their app store. so that is what Samsung iTest is here to helps enjoy all the features of an android phone through your iPhone or iPad and together your main OS remains intact.

Is samsung iTest safe to use

Yes i will said it is. but most times people complains that Samsung iTest not working which i am certain it is the version of your iPhone and iPads that determines whether the application will run or not.

Samsung iTest website

Do you have a complain using Samsung iTest or better still you want to learn more about this application then visiting their website will be the best place to go.

Samsung iTest website is:

Samsung iTest for iPhone and iPad

Here i will drop the link to where you could easily download Samsung iTest for iPhone and iPad so just visit the link, download, install and enjoy.

To download the web app, open in Safari.

Then click on the sheet share icon and select “Add to Home Screen”.

You will see the iTest app on the home screen.

Tap it to simulate the OneUI experience.