Paypal split payment between two cards

I noticed this a couple of weeks ago for Paypal Digital Gifts The angle here, is when you get a "merchant offer" with a spend limit on several cards or even a fixed cashback offer, you may be able to pay with two cards to trigger the offer on both cards. The caveat is a lot of stars have to align including the merchant using Paypal, split pay, and the merchant offer being triggered through a third party payment platform as usually the terms say the purchase must be made directly with the merchant, but Paypal has been know to trigger sometimes. 

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Paypal split payment between two cards

So paypal now allows payments to be split between cards at select merchants. I just bumped into this by mistake, seeing a ‘Split’ toggle option to split the charge. For example, on the Wikipedia donation page – after selecting Paypal as the payment option, the Paypal system let me split it between two cards. (The split is limited to two payment methods, no more.)

So when you see the split payment toggle switch or button on any website when you wants to pay through your PayPal account then you are lucky else you can decide not to use this option and everything will works fine.