Paypal instant transfer pending 2020, 2021, 2022: Solution

I initiated an instant transfer yesterday at 3pm. It’s now 2pm the following day and it still says pending and PayPal is impossible to get ahold of. What do I do?

First i will like you to know that 'Pending' payments can sometimes occur if you are new to PayPal or your transactions appear suspicious. Developing a rapport with PayPal is a good way to limit 'pending' payments.

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Paypal instant transfer pending

Waiting it out is your only option unfortunately.

Everything is taking longer at the moment including payment releases / disputes / refunds / withdrawals etc as Paypal is working with reduced staff and in difficult circumstances due to covid, hopefully released soon as of 2020 but now we're 2021 so if paypal instant transfer pending 2021, 2022 then all you have got to do is wait for patiently for at least 24-72 hours for all pending instant transfers to be processed.

After which you have waited and no positive results then i advice you contact paypal support team for help.