How to open null file: on android, in windows, online and converter

Null files are encrypted files, their extension are missing / hide by the owner or a virus. Null files are not that hard to open if only you know and understand file format. For instance music null file could be open using any music mp3 player but before then, you need to have renamed the file name and make sure you include the right ending .extension. In the case of a music null file, i can choose to rewrite it "kenmusic.mp3", for video i will use .mp4 instead of mp3.

So here i will start by giving you most . extension formats so that you can be testing it until one of them open the null file.

Null file extension formats

1). Music (.mp3)

2). Video (.mp4)

3). Image or pictures (.jpg, .png)

4). PDF files (.doc, .txt, .ppx).

5). Html and css files (.html, .css)

6). Sound records file (.rec)

7). Zip files (.rar, .zip)

How to open null file on android

Opening null files on android phone is very easy and simple just know the file format extension or better still download null files universal opener which are:

Pdf files reader


File sharing manager

Magic master

After downloading, you can now open your null files through it.

How to open null file in windows

If you’re trying to open a NULL file on your laptop, depending on the type of file it is. You can find the file type listed in the file’s properties. On a Windows PC, right-click the file, click “Properties“, then look under “Type of File.” On a Mac computer, right-click the file, click “More Info,” then look under “Kind”.

Contacting the software developer is another easy way to get help opening your NULL file, the software developer or company will provide a guide for you or even a tool for opening the file with NULL extension.

How to open null file online

Programs like File Magic can open many different types of files, depending on the format. Although, some files may not be compatible with these programs. If your NULL file isn’t compatible, it will only open in binary format.