How to make fake money feel real

Making fake money feel real is very easy and straightforward with some steps to follow but illegal according to law that governs your country.

However, i will still helps with the steps for educational purposes but do know that you are at your own risk as kenlegit's blog will not be held responsible for any damages caused.

How to make fake money feel real

1). Get a micro wave-safe plate and place all the fake money.

2). The money should lie flat right in the middle of the plate. Microwave each piece of paper to dry it. Set the plate and paper in the microwave and cook it for 20 seconds on high. Remove the plate and tap your finger against the fake note. If it still feels wet, heat it for another 10 seconds and repeat until it is dry.

3). Set the finished piece of the fake money aside. Repeat the process with a fresh plate money sheet of paper. 

4). Let each piece of paper air dry, alternatively. If you want to avoid using a microwave, lay all of your fake pieces out to dry on baking sheets. 

5). Make sure that they do not overlap, as this will increase the drying marker. You can also hang them up rael a clothes line with clothes pins.

6). Follow all laws and regulations. Creating any kind of currency is generally regulated by your national government.