How to load glo card: with serial number, for data and new recharge code

Glo network usage in today's world is greatly increasing daily because of their nice tariff plans compares to others. And initially, Glo network is widely used or made for Nigerians only but now the case is different, Glo is now drawing closer to MTN popularity and in future to come i believe it will be pronounced the best among others if they only continue to provide cheap and best tariff plans both "data and airtime".

Now to the point, am going to help you with steps/codes to recharge airtime, data and even how to load glo card with serial number if you mistakenly scratched the recharge cards pins.

How to load glo airtime and new recharge code

To load or recharge glo card, you need to have purchased the airtime first either from a provision store, an agent or a recharge cards dealer. Any amount is okay ranging from #100 and above.

So after the purchase, unpinned, if it is pinned or scratch if it is a scratch type. 

Now bring out your phone dial *123* follow by the pin numbers # then send. Note: the recharge pins is always in the middle which is in a large bold font size.

How to load glo for data

This can be done in two ways. is either you load directly through the recharge card or you load from your glo airtime balance.

How to load glo data with recharge card

Very easy just dial *223* follow by the recharge card pins# and send. 

How to load glo data from airtime balance

Here too all you are to do is just pick up your phone and dial *777# follow the instructions by selecting buy data and choose the option you can afford.

How to load glo card with serial number

When you mistakenly over scratched the surface of the recharge pins or you couldn't seems to see clearly the pins then the only option left for you is to load such airtime through the serial number and to do that, all you could do is contact glo customer service call out the serial numbers for them together with your phone number which you want the card to be recharge to and within few minutes you shall be credited.

Glo customer service number is: +234-805-002-0121, +229-98-121-121 or +229-98-030-151.