How to cancel all subscriptions on du prepaid

Du is one of the most used, largest telecommunication network among users in the USA and others tier countries.

Du data subscriptions are way too good compares to other network provider data plans. but most times people complains about how to deactivate any of the du packages, that is why i decided to write on this topic in other to help you the readers achieve your goals.

How to deactivate all du packages

Go to your messaging app and compose a new text message,

Enter “STOPALL” and send it to 9000.

You will receive a reply with all your active services.

You can easily reply with a service number, e.g. 1, 2, or 3 to deactivate a service.

Do this for active duty and you will lose all service.

This way you can easily prevent a reduction in your mobile credit.

If the “STOPALL” code does not work, try sending “STOP” or “LIST” to the 9000. One of these codes will definitely work and you will successfully opt out of the extra Du service. This prevents your credit from being withdrawn automatically