How do i activate my greendot card without: registering, social security and how to know if it activated

Having said this in one of my recent written post that greendot is liable just like the way paypay is. Greendot possess excellent features like prepaid card, greendot cards, social security, registration and very secure payment gateway system etc. but here in today's article am just only going to explains to you Greendot card activation.

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How do i activate my greendot card

To activate your greendot card is as easy as ABC just follow the below steps and you are done activating.

1). Visit or select Register / Activate Now in the Green Dot app or call (866) 795-7605.

2). Enter all info requested including personal info and card details.

3). Start using upon successful activation.

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How to activate green dot card without social security

Most prepaid card issuers will activate your account using an alternate form of identification. If you check with the card's issuing bank to see which types of identification it accepts, you can still access a prepaid account without having to provide a SSN.

Can you use a Green Dot card without registering

They is no way you could use greendot card without registering it, so registration is required and that is you providing your social security numbers.

And also, you can use a Green Dot card without registering, but the account will provide limited functionality prior to registration. The temporary card can only be used to make purchases until the initial amount loaded to it is exhausted.

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How do I know if my Green Dot card is activated

You will be sent a successful activation message to your Gmail account or better still you will notice that the funds is visible on your greendot dashboard, then you will be able to purchase anything.