Can i transfer money from emerald card to paypal

Paypal cash app have several features which could receive payment from virtually every transaction applications, banks and cards. So do you want to learn about how to transfer money from your emerald card to paypal? then you are just in the right place. Make sure you read till the end of this post.

Can i transfer money from emerald card to paypal

Yes it should work as long as the name and address associated with the card is the same as what is registered with the PayPal Account. In other words, if the PayPal account is in your name and the card is only in your wife's name, you won't be able to link it. So first of all, confirms that the names on your emerald card and paypal tally before linking them.

How to transfer money from emerald card to paypal

To transfer money to paypal you need to link your emerald card card on your Paypal account, you have to log into your account. Mouse over the Profile and choose the Add/Edit Bank Account. Then click on the add button. Then you have to enter your bank account details then save it.

Afterwards, you can now carry on with the money transfer transaction.