Airtel cheat code 200 for 1gb

Today Airtel is another most used service provider network among Nigerians because of it best tariff plans both (data and calls). Aside that, the network is very fast when surfing the web and of course they also have a very nice consumer services that could handle any issues on your Airtel line. 

Airtel had or recently launched the 200 for 1gb data validate 7days just like MTN network, which i believe many on this page are looking forward to the code to do the subscription.

Airtel 200 for 1gb 7days

Airtel 200 for 1gb subscription code is of three type but they both gives same results.

Just pick up your phone and dial *141*241# or *141*2424#, then follow the instructions by selecting 200 for 1gb plan in the option.


Dial *141#, select "my offer" and send then follow the remaining option to subscribe.