Mtn sms center number

Mtn is the most used service provider network in Nigeria and south Africa because it is the best when it comes to stable network connection among others and if you cannot receive/send text messages, it could be because your message center number is incorrect or as an iPhone, Android, Cellphones user, you are receiving imessages from an iPhone.

Mtn sms center number south africa nigeria and how to set it on your phone

iPhone, Android and other cellphone users:

Insert SIM in the iPhone and turn off iMessage If not, use the ''deregister iMessage'' webpage.

Not an iPhone issue?

Check to see that the Message Centre Number is correct +234803000000

You can correct your Message Centre Number by taking the steps below;

Launch Messages app on your device

Tap on Message Settings

Choose Text Messages

Go to Message Centre Number

Type in the correct message Centre number +234803000000