Money transfer fake cash app screenshot

Do you want to pull someone legs by sending he/she fake money transfer screenshot? if yes, other than this reason you are in the best place to learn about that because today i will be helping you with how to do fake transfer transaction screenshot and also know when someone send you fake cash app screenshot.

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How to know money transfer fake cash app screenshot

To know if someone is faking money transfer through cash app screenshot is very easy just wait for the money to drop in your own cash app if you are the one receiving the payments. And if you are not the one receiving the payment, the only option to know is for you to request that the sender screenshot all of his transactions or better still screenshot is overall balance then you will know.

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How to do money transfer fake cash app screenshot

This also is very easy just get two phones install the cash app on them and make sure you have the exact funds you want to fake the screenshot on one account, then send it out to the second account and screenshot it. that's all.