How to start a strawberry business

Strawberry business is one of it kinds you could venture into and make a lot of money because this fruit is so special that farmers can't plant anyhow if the soil doesn't support it. Like here in Nigeria strawberry could only be grown commercially in "Chacha" a suburb of vom Plateau state, due to the soil quality, but the JOS plateau has the capacity to grow this crop too.

How to start a strawberry business

To start this business they are some important factors to be considered:

1). Startup Capital

2). Sourcing

3). Durability Of the Produce

After considering the above factors it is important to nots that their are different ways of trading on strawberry. This includes:

1).Direct Sales

2). Conversion (strawberry juice)
3). Export

4). Farming

Yourself is just to make a selection on which trading you will like to deal with and you are good to go.