How to start a shoe making business in Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with so many resources and people with great minds, but lack good leaders. however, that doesn't keep you from venturing into businesses that will bring food to your table constantly, whether you are young or old you need to start something here in Nigeria to survive and one among profitable, lucrative business to start is shoe making business.

Is shoe business profitable in Nigeria

I know many are very curious whether this business is profitable in Nigeria. Yes, is my answer so far you are making quality shoes people will patronise you. Additionally, shoes is something we humans can never stop wearing because we are in the world of technology and fashion, so shoe making business is very profitable in Nigeria and anywhere in this planet earth.

Equipment needed to start a shoe making business

They are not much of things you needs to start shoe making business. below are things you need to start:

1). Acquisition of the skills: You need to start by learning how to make shoes from someone that is good. note money is involved because no one will love to teach you for free.

2). Filing and sewing machine: You need to get this machines ready because you will need them. the filing machine is used for smoothing shoe edges while the sewing machine is used to sew shoe material.

3). Shoe sewing needle, thread and glue: You need these things too to start shoe making business. the needle just like the normal thread and needle we use at our home to sew tore clothes, we use needle & thread to sew shoes too. And the glue can be use to stick two part together, Just make sure you are using quality glue that is somehow resistant to water.

Other equipment are: blade, scissor, hammer, pins, brush, table etc. 

Shoe making business plan in Nigeria

All businesses you started needs an effective business plan to strive. so shoe making business as is own business plan too, but here in Nigeria the only business plan for shoe making i know is:

Make sure you manufactures quality shoes, and be patient people will patronise you more than your competitors when they found out you are making something valuable and lasting.