How to put an image in google search

Appearing under Google search image is a thing of joy most especially for those interested in frame acquisition because with your pictures featured on Google images, it will be very easy for anyone to get hold of your images when they searched something related to your name or business products etc. Though Google search is not a website or a search engine for images uploads but they are ways you could get your images listed on it for free whether business products images, personal images, just any kind of images you want. 

So below are ways to get your images on Google.

How to put an image in google search

1). Using social media platforms:

Social media platforms are not just for chatting or meeting point, it is another form of search engine on it own because everything you publish there always got indexed by Google without any stress. Am going to be using Facebook social media platform since it is the most visited all over the world, so what you are to do to get your images uploaded to google through Facebook platform is to first of all "Create a Page or Group" on Facebook and start publishing little write up with images you want it to appears on Google.

2). Using a blog: 

Putting images on Google through a blog is very much easier than other means because Google image get all blogs post images listed on their search each time they indexed a blog. so you can choose between WordPress or Blogger since it is the most used beginners friendly online platform for building websites in minutes. 

3). Run campaign through AdWords:

 AdWords is Google advertising platform for advertiser's who want to get their business promoted to a wide range interested audience by merely paying little amount of money. So with AdWords you can still get your images uploaded to Google images because each time you want to run an adverts on AdWords there is always a place to upload image to be used for the advert units.