How to pick money on the floor

Seeing money on the floor or ground is a great feeling most especially if the money note you saw is of high value like #1000, #500 etc but at the same time dangerous if it is intentionally dropped by a ritualist. Anyways i don't believe such because any money dropped off by a ritualist, you yourself could cancel any charms around it and be free to spend it. 

So what you are to do is just urinate on it, spite on it, pronounce the name of Jesus to it and you are good to go.

Now i will be giving you hits to pick money on the floor without getting noticed by anyone.

How to pick money on the floor

1). Look around the surroundings: 

The very first thing to do when you saw money on the floor or ground is to look around the surroundings and makes sure no one attention is on you before you execute the following steps.

2). Step on the money: 

After making sure no one is  watching you the second thing you do is try and step on it and drag it to a place no one is looking you and bend down then pick it up.

3). Drop anything you are holding on the money: 

If you can not step on the money using your shoe, please use what so ever thing you are holding at that moment to pin the money on the floor, look around to see if no one is watching you and immediately pick up the money.

4). Confidently pick up the money: 

They are times when mistakenly things dropped off our hands so when you saw money on the floor just with boldness pick it up as the owner without raising suspicious motive.