How to opt out from mtn pulse

You can also opt out of MTN pulse if you are no more interested of using it anymore, opting out of MTN pulse may seem impossible at first, but it is a very simple process that can be followed by anyone, I also faced issues when trying to opt out of MTN pulse, but just a little smart trick made it possible

How can i opt out from mtn pulse

To opt out of MTN pulse, dial *123*2#, then select either number 1 for better talk, number 3 for mPulse, number 4 for Xtraspecial, number 5 for Extravalue, number 6 for Trutalk or number 7 for Xtravalue carte, when you select any one of these, you have successfully opt out of MTN pulse.

Please note that, as you opt out of MTN pulse, it will cost you 102 naira to opt into the service again within the period of 30 days, and when you opt out of the service, you wont be able to enjoy any of the service that they provided before.