How to make fake paypal payment screenshot

Everything is very much possible in the world of technology. if per venture you want to trick or fake payment transaction screenshot to your friends or someone on PayPal then you are just in the right place to learn about that. just before i continue, i will like to let you know that this tip is not to scam people but to impressed yourself in the eyes of your close ones. i know how it feels when people are sharing they transaction screenshot and none on your side to make boost of so grab a cup coffee, relax and read till the end.

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Fake paypal money sent screenshot generator

Here i will be going straight to the point. first of all you need a PayPal account that you had once made transfer. 

Now on your account locate any transaction right click and select "view page source code". After selecting, save as "Html" now locate file and open it using codes editor app like "notepad" and make changes to the details by simply using the Ctrl key + f to locate. Like for instance on the real Paypal transaction screenshot the amount written is "$50" so use your Ctrl key + f to search for "$50" and make your changes and if it the "name" do same thing.

Finally, after successfully making your editing, now save the source code then locate the file again, right click on it and open using a browser.