How to get contract work from insurance companies

Getting contract work from insurance companies is a bit hard but not impossible if you know your way around the box. Insurance companies apart from being helpful in time of crisis they are advertising companies that could bring your business into awareness to a very wide audience in no time simply because business owners have full trust in them meaning, any companies insurance agencies recommended to anyone, that means they have undergone several tests and are being proven to be reliable. And before i explain steps to follow to get contract work from insurance companies, it is better you learn about four types of insurance companies we have, which are:

  • National Insurance Companies – is irrelevant.
  • Self-Insured Companies, 
  • Third Party Administrators, and 
  • Insurance Defense Attorneys.

The first is tagged irrelevant because there only works with bigger companies thus giving no rooms for smaller ones, so don't waste your precious time considering to get contract work from them. but the rest three listed above are sure, they works with all kind of business scales (small, medium and large) just know which among these three insurance agencies would be of benefit to you.

How to get contract work from insurance companies

1). Build a solid reputation and collect good references from jobs you've completed:

If you work on a project for a homeowner or a commercial business owner and you think you did a good job, ask the client to provide you with a good reference. and always gain permission to use a person or a company as a reference before listing them.

2). Build a portfolio:

This includes information about the projects you've successfully completed, along with before and after photos. By so doing, it will make it easy for insurance agencies to explain your business to clients that are interested.

3). Network with local insurance agencies: 

Start with your own insurance company. Many of them collect business cards to hand out to other clients who are looking for services. Literally go "door to door" to various insurance agencies around your city. Offer a 5 or 10 per cent discount for their clients.

4). All your business certification and license should be available:

It's important to have all of the necessary certifications and licenses in order to be a contractor that works with insurance companies. If your speciality requires any type of certification, obtain that certification and keep it up-to-date, making sure to have valid proof of the certification on hand. 

5). Pray: 

Don't ever neglect the power of prayers because they is nothing God cannot do. just as you are seeking to work for insurance companies many like you too are out there doing same thing but with God one is with majority so remember it in your prayers and sooner or later you gonna see positive results.