How to delete depop account

Before i explain steps to follow to delete depop account, i will like to use this very medium to give answer to this most asked question on the web "If I delete my Depop account can I make a new one?" The answer is yes you can create new one using same details.

How to delete depop account

1). Open your email acount associated with Depop on your mobile phone or web browser.

2). Compose an email, provide your Username and request to delete your Depop account.

3). Send the composed email to [email protected]

4). Please ensure you have no open dispute or pending order before making this request.


There is another way you can delete your Depop account, simply send Depop a request by filling out the Request Form.

1). Select the account issue from the drop down list. “Acccount Issue”.

2). Enter your email address linked to your Depop account.

3). Select an Issue from the drop down list “I want to delete my account”.

4). Enter your Depop Username.

5). Give a detailed description of your issue or request.

6). You can attached a file if you want.

7). Tap submit when you’re done.