How to access old hotmail account without password

Welcome to kenlegit's blog a website for blogging, technology and business tips. today i will be explaining the steps you could take to access your old hotmail account without password. because i found out that so many people wants to access their old hotmail account in other  to recover some vital information or better still want to be using it as their default hotmail account. 

How to access old hotmail account without password

To access old hotmail account without password you need to have linked your phone number or email address with it before you stopped having access to the account. because in this steps all we are going to be doing is resetting the old password and recreating another one since it impossible to access Hotmail account without typing password.

1). Open the Microsoft Sign-In page in your browser.

2). Enter the e-mail address or phone number.

If you tied your Hotmail account to a Skype account, you can use your Skype username.

3). Click on the Next button.

4). You are redirected to the Enter password page.

5). Click on the Forgot password? option below.

6). You are asked to verify your identity.

7). Enter your phone number or an alternative e-mail address if you added it to the account.

In the past, it was possible to answer security questions. This was removed because they were deemed too easy to guess or steal.

8). Enter the verification code sent to your phone number/e-mail address into the text field.

9). You can now reset the password for your Hotmail account in the same way as above.