asus vs hp laptop

We are in era of technology and almost everything could be done online at the comfort of our home through our laptops or desktop computers, because computers makes our works easier and efficient. Now boiling down to purchasing aspect, they are lots of companies that manufactures laptop/desktop computers thus making is hard to decide on which manufacturer companies to go for, each time we are in need of laptop/desktop computers. these manufacturers companies are Asus, Dell, Hp, Acer etc but today am going to tell you which to purchase between Asus vs Hp laptop/desktop computers because i have used them both.

Asus vs Hp laptop and desktop computers which to buy

I’d go for the Asus, hands down.

HP makes decent laptops (I actually use one — the Pavilion Dv7, AMD/Energy Star), but they’re known for experiencing general hardware failure.

Plus, they run pretty hot in my experience, even for a laptop. The fan on mine is very loud, and the CPU consistently idles at 70-80 degrees celsius. The CPU throttling due to heat also causes the graphics driver to crash constantly when set on battery priority. I have to keep it on high performance mode constantly, shortening the already low 5 hours of battery life to a mere 90 minutes.