Yahoo boy status on facebook

Online scamming is not a new thing any more, here and there folks are getting ripped off their hard earned money, still that doesn't reduce the usage or time we spent daily on the internet. because internet is very important in the life of every human being who wants to stay updated on trends. So because of this reason, yahoo boys uses the internet as their base to scam people. Anyways most of those that falls in yahoo boys prey, fakes, lies on the internet are people who are always looking for an online dating. though it nice because i seen through the internet many have found their future partner, wed and were blessed with kids. So are you among those looking for true love on the internet most especially on Facebook and you don't want to fall into yahoo boys scamming tactics? then you are in the right place to learn about that but be aware that am only going to centre my today discussion on how you can easily know a yahoo boy through is status on Facebook.

Yahoo boy status on facebook

1). A yahoo boy status on facebook is always flashing with tempting things to get your attention.

2). A yahoo boy on is status will post bank-credits alerts, meanwhile is bank is reading zero funds.

3). A yahoo boy will post on his facebook status fake places he as never been to, just to prove to you that he is wealthy.

4). A yahoo boy will always use fake female i.d whereas he is a man.

5). A yahoo boy don't send friends requests he waits patiently for clients to come.

6). Yahoo boys status is always full of proverbs example of them are:

  • Code yourself cause some niggas get money pass your client
  • Any body fit be golden boy
  • Man wey no follow you suffer no suppose follow you carry casket.
  • Na beans you dey cook no be stone when e set tear everywhere like rugged jeans.
  • Who first buy car na him buy old model

So with the above mentioned, how to know a yahoo boy through is status on Facebook, my advice for you is please be very careful yahoo is real and could bring you back to a zero level.