Why my blog is not qualified for adsense

AdSense is the best among others when it comes to monetizing a blog with display adverts because their adverts are of high quality, very attractive to draw readers attention to click and they are the only ads network that pays it's publishers %68 of what advertiser's pay to run adverts. so being the best, getting approval is not an easy task to achieve in this era compares to then when you could easily get your blog approved by AdSense almost instantly of launching a blog. However, it can be hard to gain approval from AdSense but doesn't mean it impossible. so today i will tell you some of the things that could make AdSense disapproved your blog upon application.

Why my blog is not qualified for adsense

They are several reasons a blog could easily face disapproval message. 

1). Contents: The essence of creating a blog is solely because of contents so if you can't produce unique, quality, original contents that will satisfy audiences they are interested in your chosen niche, then you shouldn't vent into blogging in the first place, let me bring it down to getting a blog approved by AdSense. Before a blog can be approved, AdSense will carry out human and A.I review and when your blog contents is proven to not satisfies they requirements it will be disapproved instantly. so to gain AdSense approval just publish great contents that worth approving and don't apply when you have little or less amount of contents.

2). Template: After contents is structure of a blog. and once a blog is not well structured for easy contents navigation or neat, definitely such blog will be disapproved. They is why most time i preferred you installed custom template on your blog before applying for AdSense.

3). Traffics: Traffics is not a necessity according to some pro bloggers but i said to you today you need at least little traffics coming into your blog daily before AdSense could approved your blog. With this, AdSense will know that your are producing quality contents and readers are enjoying it.

4). Important pages: Don't neglect a requirement. AdSense made it clear that a blog should have important pages on their blog before applying for monetization. Example of important pages are; (About, contact us, privacy policy, terms and conditions if you are selling products on your blog etc.)

5). Your blog not on Google: Many people forget this most important and essential thing required of them to do to increase chances of AdSense approval for their blogs. Very easy just submit your blog sitemap through Google search console that's all.