Why is my laptop so slow hp

Hp laptops are popular most used pc in the world today because many believed it is the most beautiful, strong, having flat and smooth running hardwares among others. Well that's just the truth but many are on the other hand complaining bitterly about their hp laptops so slow that is why i decided to publish this article to help you fix this issue.

Do know that even brand new Hp laptop and old ones could suddenly became slow so i will start with.

Why is my brand new HP laptop so slow 

They are many reasons why your brand new Hp laptop can be so slow even before you start using it.

1). The ram and hard drive is small: If you purchase a brand new Hp laptop with less ram/hard disk then they is every tendency that you may experience a very slow down moments whenever you are operating your laptop.

2). Processor (Cpu) is of small core: Before buying a brand new Hp laptop make sure you have an understanding about CPU counts speeds, the cores. because if a processor is of one core rather than having dual cores or more would surely be a slower laptop. 

3). Go for hp laptops with Intel processor not Amd processor: Laptops with Intel processor are the best and strongest which runs very smooth than AMD but much more expensive. so don't get fooled because all models of laptops comes in two types Intel and Amd.

Why is my hp laptop so slow all of a sudden

Here you have started using the laptop and newly when you launched it was running smoothly until recently it became slow while operating. following are some of the things that might slow down a laptop.

1). You have lot of applications installed: having too many applications on your hp laptop could makes your laptop slow. so here reduce by uninstalling the ones you don't use and only keep those you use.

2). Virus as hijacked your system: When your hp laptops is so slow then virus as hijacked your laptop which you need to look for a way to clean up the viruses before it damage your system.

3). Some drivers as corrupted: Drivers in laptops are software that enables hardware to work. so if some drivers are corrupted, could cause your hp laptop to slow down.

4). Off system auto updates: Those allowing their laptops to download and upgrades/updates windows operating system each time connected to an internet suffers slow down. So learn to switch it off because you don't need it.

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