Which phone hangs the most

I welcome you to kenlegit blog a website for business, blogging and technology tips. today i am going to share with you which phone hangs the most so you would know and stay away from purchase. this i will said is very essential you know because an hanging phone is certainly a problem phone which could be frustrating while operating them. So according to one of my recent research, i found out that some phones tends to hangs when overused or running of large and powerful application that consumes the ram, but at the same time they are some phones that even when you overused or run strong application on them they won't show any signs of hanging. So below are lists of phones that hangs the most.

Which phone hangs the most

1). Samsung: Old version of samsung phones both android and buttons are the ones that are the most hanging phone i have ever seen but recently that bug as being fixed on new/latest manufactured models. so if you want to enjoyed zero hangs on Samsung products please go for the newer version.

2). Clone android phones: This android phones could comes in any dimension which is another most hanging phones i have seen too. So for you to quickly distinguish between a clone android device and original device you need to know much about phones. For example a clone android phone will always have two --- three companies name (The phone itself carries "Tecno on the chassis", the battery another name "Infinix", when you powered the phone while booting you will see another name "Huawei" and so on and so forth.

3). Phones with less ram/processor: Here it doesn't which company manufactures them. when a phone comes with less ram it possible it will hangs and so also if the processor core are of low count speed. So before you buy a phone make sure you check the ram and the type of processor through the settings or better still check on the internet about the phone specification.

4). Less or low inbuilt storage memory: This too is an important thing you should consider before purchasing a phone because less or low primary storage memory would definitely cause the phone to hangs when it about to filled up.

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