Which makes more money YouTube or blog

Which makes more money YouTube or blog

It being a while i last updated this blog with articles on blogging, so during this kick off period i discovered that many beginners who intends venting into contents writing sphere are always trapped when they are to make right decision on which platform makes more money between YouTube or Blog. since all content writers primary or secondary aims is earning money after launching their blogs or channels. though most times experts urge beginners to launch YouTube channel or a Blog based on passion and focused more on producing unique, relevant contents first then thought about earnings money with it later. Well that's indeed true and a great advice from experts to you but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a clear insight on which platform pays more.

For those who don't know, YouTube is all about publishing contents through videos while blog deals with writing articles, both focused on satisfying audience interest. 

Which makes more money YouTube or blog

A blog makes more money than YouTube in the sense that a blog could be monetized with more than one adverts companies and you can also place more than one adverts units on a page while on YouTube you are limited to earning money from AdSense alone. Though, the earnings are way too okay if you have enough viewers but in blog even with less but quality traffics you drives to your site could earn you huge money. 

Aside that, a blog as high chances of adverts getting clicks than YouTube most especially if you running display adverts.

Lastly, it very easy to lure people to your site than a YouTube channel. meaning huge traffics, more money. so if i were you i will get started with a blog then later add YouTube in order to increase my earnings potential.

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