What is good traffic for a blog

What is good traffic for a blog

Blogging is sweet when you blog for passion and even more sweeter when you are able to drives huge targeted audiences to your blog because traffics is always what a blogger needs to strive in blogging sphere.

Blog traffic meaning for beginners

For those who don't know blog traffic in short form are classified as readers of your blog which is known as "Visitors" or "Audiences". A blog traffic could be generated through sharing your blog links on social media platforms, forums, running of adverts campaign on Facebook, AdWords or better still drives free organic traffics from search engines. Any of the above mentioned channels you might or have used to lure people into your blog is considered a "blog traffic".

What is good traffic for a blog

I must said there are no specific amount of traffic that is good or bad. what matters is if your current traffics convert to sales or generate expected revenue for you. Also, you should know that traffics are of two types which is "Quality" and "Less quality" traffics. The quality traffics no matter how less it is will at least convert. while the less quality traffics even when you drove huge amount of it won't convert much.

So what to do to drives good traffic to your blog?

How to drive good traffic to your blog

1). Focus on increasing your blog organic traffic: Traffics from search engines converts more than any traffics source because search engines most especially Google will only show your blog to audience that are 100% interested in what you are offering.

2). Run online campaigns for your blog: This is another way to drives good traffic to a blog because each time you want to run adverts, options are listed for you to select targeted audiences.

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