What do i do if my phone charger is plugged in but not charging?

Using cellphones is a thing of joy because you can play with it when bored, get updates on the web, makes and receives calls/messages in any where in the world but if you encounter any sort of issues on your smartphone could be devastating and that can cause a moody scenerie.

So today am going to share with you what to do if your phone charger be it android, iphone, cellphones just any products is not charging when plugged in.

Here i will start with;

My phone won't charge and it's not the charger

The very first thing every and any will tell you is change your charger but you have already done that but still your phone won't charge.

1). Pick up a toothbrush deep it into petrol and brush the mouth of your charging port very well. because most times dirty, spite could cause your phone not to charge. And be mindful of a hole next to the charging port because that hole is for the mouthpiece so don't allow the petrol to get inside.

2). If the above did not work, now check again through the mouth of your charging port by shining touch light to see if the port is okay. If it as damaged, then it needs to be replaced with a new one, so that you can't do it even if i explain the process for you. so just locate a nearby phone repairer shop to help you fixed your charging port.

Phone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing

Here your phone is indicating or showing charging icon but the battery percentage is still the same way you left it since you plugged it. then you should know that your charging port or the charging I.C (integrated circuit) are the one's that needs to be replaced. So first what you are to do is locate the closest mobile phone repairer shop tell him that you want to fix charging i.c issues.

Why is my phone charging slowly

The reason why your phone is charging slowly is simply because you are using a less quality charger. and a times charging port/ charging I.C could be the cause. so when you have tested a very fast charger and still charging is slow then you have no choice other than to replace your phone charging port first before the charging I.C.

What do i do if my phone charger is plugged in but not charging?

1). Test your phone on another charger

2). Brush the mouth of your charging port using toothbrush and petrol.

3). The charging port is faulty, needs to be replaced.

4). Sometimes you need to test another battery on your phone if it removable one's.

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