Opay pos machine: price, charges, types and how to get one in nigeria

Pos business in Nigeria is among trending businesses out there you could venture into and start making millions of money almost instantly without much stress because citizens here in Nigeria don't like staying on queue in banks to make money-transactions. besides banks are the one's that launched and gives rooms for pos in other to reduce work loads on them. 

So today we are going to take a closer look at Opay pos machine

Opay pos machine

Opay is a third party companies partnering up with banks to ease transactions work load. Opay pos machine is the best among others when it comes to charge rate, stable network, good customer service and of course very easy to get one when you met their requirements.

Types of opay pos machine in nigeria

Opay pos machine doesn't have different versions, all are the same thing unless the size and chassis that's of different colors. Though presently new opay pos machine is out with slight difference in operating system but do know that both old/new performs same operations (transactions making). here are names or better still types of opay pos machine ( Smart, Tradition and Mini Opay Pos Machine)

Opay pos machine charges

Here i will break down charges of opay pos machine so you should know before taking a step to venture into pos business.

Opay receives charges per transactions you carried out daily which is 5% and you receive the remaining 5% as your own income or even more than that depending on how much you charge your customers per transactions.

How to get opay pos machine in nigeria

This is as easy as abc just have enough funds on ground because you will need to pay for the machine it not free and you also need to have setting amount of money deposited in your bank account before you would secure a chance. So after that, visit an opay agent closer to you and gather information on the process he/she follows to get the opay pos machine.

Below are price of Opay pos machine in Nigeria so choose the one that best suits your start up.

Opay pos machine price in nigeria

N50,000 for OPay Smart POS

N35,000 for OPay Traditional POS

And N8,500 for OPay Mini POS.

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