Most viewed youtube video in a week

YouTube based on video contents and it is the most visited platform on the web after Google. On YouTube platform, they are numerous channel you could easily subscribe to, and get notifications through your Gmail account each time the owner uploads new videos. For those who don't know YouTube is also a search engine like Google because it as a search box that you can type/sort out contents. and through watching of videos human beings tends to understand clearly and faster than reading a blog post.

Now let me quickly dive into today's discussion.

Most viewed youtube video in a week

They are millions of videos that are been watched/downloaded on YouTube in a week, below are lists of some that i have conducted research about and am certain people will never stop watching unless YouTube doesn't exist anymore..

1). Sport videos

2). Comedy videos

3). Tutorials videos

4). Entertainment/News videos

5). Music videos

6). Event videos

7). Educational videos

8). Action videos

9). Love videos

10). Your country videos

I believe they are more to this so you are free to drop it off in the comment box and it will be updated on this post.