Is it worth to start a youtube channel in 2021

Is it worth to start a youtube channel in 2021

They is no doubt about YouTube being a  profitable and lucrative business one could leverage on, but many are still curious whether it worth creating a YouTube channel in 2021, 2022 and years to come. Well it good you know because anything you vent into without having solid knowledge or understanding, will certainly became strange to you later when you discovered. So "YES" starting a youtube channel in 2021 worth it most especially if you are always less busy and could afford to subscribe your sim card with data bundles since you will be doing more of uploading videos.

Another question;

Is it too late to start a youtube channel in 2021 

Primarily, they are many YouTube channel on the YouTube platform but that doesn't mean the gate of you starting a youtube channel as closed. In fact it never too late so far you have unique contents to uploads not scrapped ones. Just like as the way the web is saturated with countless blogs, still many are launching their blog and guess what Google and other search engines are crawling them every seconds.

Starting a youtube channel in 2021

Now that you are fully convinced and wishes to start your own YouTube channel and start making money online then it is a good and a nice decision you have made.

So to start a YouTube channel in 2021 is very easy just have your Gmail account on ground and pay a visit to this link. fill all the necessary information like title of your channel, add keywords in your meta tags through the settings, start creating and upload videos then copy you channel link and start sharing it with your friends, family on social media platforms.

Youtube channel rules in 2021 

Having said this earlier, you shouldn't steal people videos and upload it on your YouTube channel as yours because i have seen countless channels for just that reason were pulldown by YouTube itself. And if your niche is on entertainment, always find a way to edit before upload if you want to publish same type of contents as others.

Less i forgot you need 1000 channel subscribers and 4000 watch hours before you could be accepted into the monetization network (AdSense for video). but i heard recently from some YouTubers that the requirement to get accepted into the monetization network would be reduced, that i haven't confirmed yet.

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