How to start blogging on medium

How to start blogging on medium

Previously, i have written an article on this blog about how to start blogging on blogger, today is medium platform. Medium is a also good and beginners friendly if you are looking for an online platform to get started with blogging.

Why start blogging on medium

1). Free hosting and free domain name.

2). Beginners friendly interface.

3). You don't need to bother much about traffics. as you can choose to promote your posts on the platform. 

4). Seo friendly site builder platform.

5). Build fast and secure website easily.

How to start blogging on medium

To start blogging on medium is almost the same method with blogspot. all you got to do is visit https://medium.com open an account using your Gmail address, sign into your dashboard after confirming your Gmail address, start with setting things up.

Secondly, choose a title for your blog, select a nice template, buy a custom domain name and link it up with your medium blog or you can also choose to use the free domain name containing "medium" in it temporarily until you can afford the money to purchase custom domain name.

Thirdly, start posting articles, remember to add images/videos in the posts, add tags, add logo, do the seo through generating and submit the sitemap in Google search console, bing, yandex etc also make sure you build quality backlinks to your blog and don't neglect internal linking to older posts when you have enough contents.

Fourth, Share your published posts links across your social media accounts to drive traffics to your medium blog or better still share it within users on medium platform since medium as inbuilt forum with billion of people visiting across the global.

Fifth, You can turn your writing contents skills to money by simply incorporating an affiliate marketing links, adverts and earn a commission when someone purchase items through your referrer link.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop your opinion in the comments box, remember to share and always visit for latest updates.

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