How to start a shipping business in nigeria

Nigeria is blessed naturally with resources even many are yet to be discovered and it's citizens are very hardworking, skillful, committed but lack good leaders. so to survive here in Nigeria presently you need to venture into or start up a lucrative and profitable business of your own. no matter how small, medium or large you intend starting the business, is indeed a wise decision than working under someone.

So do you want to know how to start shipping business in nigeria? then you are in the best place to learn about that:

Shipping business is also known as dropshipping business for those who don't know.

Shipping business as being around for a very long time now but only few see's this as an opportunity. drop shipping business is very easy, lucrative and profitable business to start here in Nigeria because almost 70% things we use here are based on shipping though we are blessed with natural resources having said that earlier but unfortunately we don't have enough machines, equipments and factories to process these resources into finished goods. Aside that, Nigerians believed in foreign goods more than locally made goods so if you have it in mind that you really want to start this business then you have chosen the very best so without taking much of your time, i will quickly explain to you how you can this business.

How to start a shipping or drop shipping business in Nigeria

1). Analyze the market to have understanding on goods to ship: 

This is very important than anything else in this business if you want to succeed because if you conduct market analysis you get to know which goods people are in search for before importing them from overseas.

2). Registered your business under CAC: 

Second thing needed to kick-start your shipping business is you need to get your company name registered under CAC (corporate affairs commission). by doing so you secure some documents and right to ship goods into the country.

3). Get a trustworthy overseas suppliers: 

Your suppliers should be trustworthy and your goods also must be of high quality because the main reason behind Nigerian's craving for foreign goods and products is quality. many foreign companies dealing with sales of goods have their website so just Google it and find yourself the best one to rely on. example of well known companies are "Wish", "Amazon" etc.

4). Location: 

A nice location to start any business is essential because people always patronises visible place. most preferably, a very busy location is great to start shipping business.

5). Capital: 

Funds is needed, when you want to get a business started even after starting, you still need funds to run affairs of the company.

6). Workers: 

You alone cannot do the work, you need to employ more hands for running of errands sake and to make the business productive. but you can still manage and carryout the workload yourself if you just launched the business.

That's that about starting shipping business, i hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop your comment, please share with others and always visit for fresh articles.