How to register your sim by yourself

Sim cards usage in today's era as taken a new turn and for you to be able to use your newly purchased sim card, you need to have done the registration. So for these reason, sim card registration centers are always crowded, thus making it hard for those that are always busy with work, studies etc to set aside a day from their busy schedule to do their sim card registration.

So today to help you ease the burden i decided to came up with this article.

How to register your mtn sim by yourself

To register your mtn sim by yourself all you have got to do is to visit this link download the mtn registration form print it out and filled it up with necessary details then take it to a nearby mtn outlet for your thumbprint, and image capture. This will reduce the time frame compare to when you visit mtn sim registration agent.

How to register your airtel sim by yourself

To register your airtel sim by yourself it very simple just send "help" to 38600 and you will receive a lists of closest popular point to customer location E.g. Send ‘Help’ to 38600 and response you will gets is read-Send “STATE” “AREA” to 38600 e.g. Lagos Ikeja to 38600, Kano sabon gari to 38600, Abia ariria to 38600. 

After registration, dail *386# to activate your airtel sim card. 

How to register your glo sim by yourself

To register your glo sim by yourself is more than easy compared to all on this lists because glo registration centers are not always crowded so locate any closest to you and get your sim registration done within a twinkle of an eye and after the registration you should learn how to activate glo sim card here.  

How to register your 9mobile or etisalat by yourself

To register your etisalat by yourself is also easy than you think just ask around from friends, family or better still put a call through to 9mobile costumers service which is "200" and ask for etisalat sim registration centers closest to you, locate it and you are done with your registration.


To register your sim by yourself is all about fulfilling action on your end to get your sim cards activated in a less stressful manner. And if anyone told you that he/she can register sim card himself at home without visiting the an agent center it purely lies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, feel free to drop your comment on the box, remember to share and always visit for latest articles.