How to grow whatsapp status channel

Social media is an easiest way to make new friends, increase business sales, meet new people most especially on WhatsApp.

For those who don't know WhatsApp is one of the most used social media platform today because of it's unique features, end-to-end message encryption, less data consumption and of course the status channel which can never be found on anyhow social media platform. And to grow up your WhatsApp status channel, you need to know what is WhatsApp status channel it self before reading further.

What is a WhatsApp status channel

This, not everyone knows what it entails but am  sure many of us do make use of it on daily basis when using WhatsApp application. So a WhatsApp status channel is just a feature on the WhatsApp app that enables you to quickly post something special on your account which is visible publicly to all your friends and one thing i so much love about this WhatsApp status is that; your status will appears under status channel of your friends automatically be it video, links, text and images.

How to grow whatsapp status channel

It very much easier to grow up your WhatsApp status channel if only you have enough friends on your WhatsApp account. that i discovered during the time am working on growing up my status channel to increase my business sales. So my take here is for you to try as much as possible to add up new friends.

Another thing you could do to increase or grows your WhatsApp status channel is for you to be consistent in updating your WhatsApp status with things that people will always love to view. some of this things are posting: short comedy videos, saying things that is jovial, promoting attractive stuffs etc.

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